Craving some snack food while you watch the big game? Or just looking for an appetizer to round out your meal? Either way, our deep-fried chicken wings are the right choice! Available in four different varieties, everyone's craving can be satisfied. Now offering boneless wings!

Served with Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing

Barbecue Sauce
Classic barbecue sauce gives your chicken wings a delicious taste. The perfect choice for those who aren't into the hot stuff.
Hot Sauce
The perfect blend of heat and flavor. Gives your wings some kick.
Uber Hot Sauce
Feeling adventurous? If our regular Hot Sauce doesn't do it for you, our Uber Hot Sauce will. It'll bring tears to your eyes.
Cajun Rub
If you're looking for something different, try our zesty cajun wings. This dry rub of cajun seasonings will give your wings some kick.

Bone-In — 10-Piece $12.99 — 20-Piece $24.99 40-Piece $45.99

Boneless — Small - 10oz $12.99 — Medium - 20oz $24.99 Large - 40oz $45.99